• Thermal Imaging Equipment

    Thermal Imaging Equipment

    Thermal imaging cameras and systems we carry are used for general thermal inspections, power line surveys, scientific research, gas leak detection, medical examinations, firefighting, maritime patrols, security applications, hunting and wildlife surveillance.

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  • Process Inspection Devices and Systems

    Process Control Instruments and Systems

    We deliver and service gas and liquid flow meters, gas analyzers, moisture meters and other control equipment made by GE Sensing / Panametrics, Servomex, Rheonik and Badger Meters.

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  • Underground Diagnostics

    Underground Diagnostics

    Equipment we supply for diagnostics underground utilities includes video inspection systems, cable and pipeline precise locators, ground-penetrating radars and correlation leak detectors.

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  • Power Equipment

    Power Diagnostics Equipment

    For power diagnostics, we trust the equipment for insulated cable testing, precise locating of cable faults without burn down, comprehensive testing of transformers and DGA, relay, high-voltage breaker and battery tests, ultrasonic diagnostics of electrical equipment and power quality checks.

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  • Non-Destructive Testing

    Non-Destructive Testing

    Non-destructive testing (NDT) is the process of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials, components or assemblies for discontinuities or differences in characteristics without destroying the serviceability of the part or system. In other words, when the inspection or test is completed, the part can still be used.

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  • Remote Leak Detection

    Remote Leak Detection

    PERGAM is leading manufacturer and supplier of remote laser leak detectors for natural gas industry: helicopter based – ALMA, vehicle based – SELMA, stationary – LMS and portable – LMm. We also offer inspection survey on base of this equipment.

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  • Mobile Laboratories

    Mobile Laboratories

    We offer electro-technical mobile laboratories, mobile labs for cathodic protection control, pipeline inspection, non-destructive testing, fiber-optic inspection and metrology as well as mobile workshops.

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  • Security Systems

    Security Systems

    Equipment for the empowerment of safety systems allow to conduct video surveillance of the perimeter in complete darkness, fog and smoke detector. Security imagers, radars and specialized software will save you from anxiety for the entry of foreign to your territory.

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Pergam — authorized distributor

About us

Why do our customers choose Pergam?


    Established in 1996

    Over 20 years success in the industrial diagnostic and non-destructive testing market.


    Authorized service center

    We carefully maintain and repair equipment in our own authorized service center.


    Our expert knowledge

    We design and produce equipment for NDT applications, mobile laboratories and gas detection platforms.


    Training center

    We offer training classes in our own training center as well as onsite.


    Certificates and licenses

    We hold a large number of licenses and certifications, such as well-known ISO 9001 certification etc.


    Awards and references

    The great number of awards, certificates and references from satisfied customers motivate us every day.


    PERGAM around the world

    13 offices in Russia, CIS, and abroad.



    We support you before and after the purchase. We handle the complete warranty process for you.